As I assign readings, or make reference to various sites, I'll update the links here.\n\n!Week 1\n* The XML 1.0 spec is [[here|]]\n* ''IMPORTANT'': undestand [[XML Namespaces|]]\n\n!!XML Editors\nAs I mentioned in class, there are a number of XMLEditors available, depending on home much money you want to spend. Check the link for a few examples.\n\n!Week 2\n* The XSD Primer is [[here|]]\n* Pretty good XSD tutorial on [[|]]\n* You might take a look at the [[RelaxNG|]] spec also (not going to be on the tests).
FinalExam\nReviewSession\nSoapAndWsdl\n[[Midterm exam]]\n[[Thanksgiving week]]\n[[Welcome]]
!You will have until 8:50 to finish the exam. \nYou will need to download the sample files [[here|]].\nWhen you are finished, please zip up all of your work and mail it to, and wait for confirmation from me that I have received your work.\nThe zipfile also contains an electronic copy of the exam as a PDF file, if you prefer that to the written version.\nIf you have any questions about any of the problems, or what is expected, please ask.
!Week 2\n!!XML Modelling\nWrite an XML document that represents the following data:\n*For Whom the Bell Tolls\n**Earnest Hemingway\n**Scribner\n**1995\n**$5.99\n*The Catcher in the Rye\n**J.D. Salinger\n**Little, Brown\n**1991\n**$6.95\n*Slaughter House-Five\n**Kurt Vonnegut\n**Laurel\n**1991\n**$8.90\n\n!!XML parsing (1)\nWrite a program using the XML DOM that returns only the titles of the books from your document.\n\n!!XML parsing (2)\nWrite the same results, but use the XmlTextReader instead.\n\n!Week 3\n\n!!XML parsing (3)\nWrite a program as above, but retrieve the titles using the XmlTextReader.\n\n!!XML parsing (4)\nOnce more, only this time using the XmlSerializer\n\n!Week 4\n\n!!XmlSchema\nWrite an XmlSchema that corresponds to your books.xml example.\n\n!!Validation\nWrite code using the XmlValidatingReader to validate your example against your newly created schema.\n\n!Week 5\n\n''NOTE'' if you don't have a copy of books.xml, you can get one [[here|]].\n\n!!XPath\nWrite code using XPath via the DOM and interface to select only the titles of books that are authored by Hemingway, and their price(s).\n\n!!XPathDocument\nWrite code to select the same set of nodes using the XPathDocument interface.
[[Welcome]]\nClassReferences\nInClassLabs\nSampleFiles\n[[Syllabus|files/syllabus.pdf]]\n[[RSS|index.xml]]\n\n© Patrick Cauldwell & [[osmosoft|]] 2005\n\n
We will have the midterm exam on Wednesday, November 2nd. The contents of the exam will be in the form of excercises rather than strictly a written exam. The excercises will correspond to ones that we have done as in class labs. The material covered will be up through the previous week, which includes XPath.
Patrick currently works at Corillian Corp. building internet banking software.\n\nYou can find his (my) blog at\nPatrick can be reached at [[home|]] or [[OIT|]]\n
!Review 11/30\nNext week's class (11/30) will include a review session, so please bring any questiosn that you have about the material, or anything you are unsure of so that we can review. We will also talk about SOA as a design philosophy, and go over some advanced topics in web services.
Fall 2005 at OIT's Capital Center campus
Introduction To Web Services
For those of you who missed the lecture on SOAP last week, you should probably go over the SOAP 1.1 spec for yerself, and get comfortable with constructing a SOAP request. You will need to be able to write a SOAP request by hand for the final. You will be given either an interface definition in IDL or C#, or a WSDL file, and you will need to be able to construct a SOAP message to call that method (and a test implementation will be provided so you can try it out). There are also several good online tutorials on SOAP if you need additional help.
We will be having class as usual on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If you aren't planning on attending, please let me know ahead of time, and I'll let you know what material we'll be covering in your absense.
You can get the files from the website:\n[[books.xml|]]\n[[validator.exe|]]\n[[exam page 1|]]\n[[exam page 2|]]\n\nAll work needs to be zipped up and sent to [[me|]]. Please make sure that you tell me when you send the mail, and wait until I give you confirmation that I've received it.\n\nIf you have any questions, please ask.
!Introduction to Web Services, CST 407P\nWednesday nights at OIT Capital Center room 1045, ''6:00 - 8:50''\n\nThis course will provide the student with an introduction to the technologies behind “Web Services” and the history and development of Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture. We will concentrate on the theory behind Web Services and the technologies and standards in the Web Services “stack” rather than on implementing Web Services on a specific platform.\n//Prerequisite: experience with C#//\n\nInstructor: [[Patrick Cauldwell]]\n
*One great, syntax coloring editor is [[Notepad2|]] which is freeware. \n*I haven't tried it personally, but [[Xml Cooktop|]] is another free editor.\n*There is also a free "home" edition of [[XmlSpy|]], which is my personal favorite in Xml Editors.\n*[[Stylus Studio|]] is also a nice editor, but not free.
A method for specifying an exact set of nodes to be selected from an XML document.
System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer. Used to convert object trees to and from XML.
System.Xml.XmlTextReader. Used for reading XML data using a "push/pull" method.