# Friday, June 24, 2005

Vikki and I went to see Batman Begins last weekend up in Seattle, and really enjoyed it.  I was pondering the phenomenon that is Batman during the movie, and started thinking that Batman has become such an iconic figure in our contemporary mythos that it really frees the director.  It’s like making a Robin Hood movie.  You don’t have to worry about telling the story, because everyone already knows the story.  So the directory can focus on the details. 

Christian Bale was fantastic as the brooding playboy-without-conscience who beats up bad guys in his spare time.  He really brought a lot of detail to the character, and you can really start to understand what kind of guy Bruce Wayne would have to be to become Batman. 

Great supporting cast too.  Liam Neeson makes a great villain.  Good, atmospheric physical culture.  They did a good job of bringing the brooding Gothic/Art Deco style of Gotham into the modern age.  Definitely worth seeing.