# Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks to some comments from Keith, I not only have the online version of Rhapsody working on Windows 2003 Server, but the desktop version as well. Yay! 

I installed 2K3 sp 2, then reinstalled the Rhapsody desktop player.  That still didn't work, until I set the compatibility mode on the shortcut to the desktop player to XP, and now it's shiny.

As good as the online player is, the desktop one is still more feature rich, so I'm excited to have it working again.

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# Friday, April 13, 2007

Once again, Rhapsody has failed me.  Just this morning, I was happily listening away.  I closed my browser for a while, and just now came back to start up Rhapsody Online, since the desktop player totally doesn't work on Windows 2003 Server (at least on my box).  Now the online player tells me I'm running an incompatible operating system.  It's been working fine for months, but now it's incompatible.  Curses!  I supposed I'm going to have to start using a different box to play Rhapsody than the one I usually work on. 

I'm a big fan of Rhapsody's service, and have been steadily subscribing for years.  Unfortunately, their software (again and again) proves to be crap.

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# Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rhapsody (my online music provider of choice) has continued to make improvements to their online, browser based version of their music player.  The most recent addition is support for the "My Library" feature that's long been present in their desktop player.  You can add albums or songs to your library for future recall, rather than having to search for them again, and just like in the desktop client, it's portable across machines.

Since I've had nothing but trouble with their desktop client lately, this makes the online version a lot more attractive.  It works in Firefox, and supposedly even under Linux, which is pretty sweet.  $25 bucks a quarter, zillions of albums, and works anywhere there's a 'net connection.  Can't beat that.

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# Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not so good. 

Update:  I did get WMP to work, after installing the "Media Services" for 2003 server from the "Add Windows Components" dialog.  Still no go with Rhapsody.  Interestingly enough, QuickTime doesn't work either...

I've recently had to upgrade my development box to Windows 2003 Server, because some of the work I'm doing with ADAM and AzMan requires 2003 or Vista (and I'm not quite ready to go there, not is our IT department).  I can't get the Rhapsody client to install at all on 2003 server.  I suspect it has something to do with the fact that there's no Windows Media Player installed.  There doesn't seem to be a Windows Media Player for 2003 Server, which probably isn't unreasonable.  The Rhapsody client install fails while trying to set up some DRM stuff, which is what makes me suspect WMP. 

Despite that, the new web based Rhapsody client works just fine in FireFox, so I'll have to limp along with that once again.


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# Monday, December 18, 2006

Late last week, Rhapsody finally released a new desktop client that doesn't crash in the presence of IE7.  Hurray!  I've been gimping along with the web-based client, which is cool, but not nearly as full-featured as the desktop version.  I've been running it for several days now, and not one crash, so I'm hopeful at this point.  Just in time to listen to all that Christmas music that I'd never shell out to buy full time...

Update: I may have spoken too soon.  It works fine on my desktop at work, but crashes constantly on my laptop at home.  Sigh.

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# Thursday, October 05, 2006

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of alt country, so everybody but me probably already knew, but Neko Case #@*! ROCKS!  She’s got an amazing voice, and really captures that “torch and twang” aesthetic (which I love).  I’ve listened to Furnace Room Lullaby about 5 times in the last couple days, and I’m wowed each and every time.  I’d put it right up there with k.d. lang’s Absolute Torch and Twang.  This is what I love about Rhapsody.  I’d never hear all this great music otherwise. 

My other big faves right now are Blue Horse by the Be Good Tanyas, and Springtime Can Kill You by Jollie Holland.  Good stuff.

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# Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I wanted to check out some CardSpace stuff today, so I bit the bullet and installed IE7 RC1.  In the short space of time I played with it, it looks pretty good.  However, as soon as it was installed, my Rhapsody client started crashing on startup.  Bummer.  The Rhapsody client hosts IE to do its “Music Guide” stuff, so I wasn’t really surprised that it didn’t handle the change well.  I’m pretty addicted to Rhapsody at work, since I can listen to just about anything I might want to. (Today it’s been a bunch of alt country stuff, Neko Case, The Sadies, Whiskeytown, Be Good Tanyas…yesterday was largely a Rage Against the Machine/The Prodigy kinda day.)

Apparently, this is a known problem, and Real says tough rocks.  I don’t blame them.  It’s what I’d tell me.  Luckily, some crafty bugger in the Real support forum mentioned that it worked for him if he cleared his IE cache before starting Rhapsody. 

Son-of-a-gun, that worked.  We’ll see how long it lasts…

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# Monday, April 03, 2006

This weekend Vikki and I were in Seattle for an anniversary party (that turned out to be a wedding… long story) and part of the festivities was a performance by Circus Contraption.  They were completely fantastic.  What an awesome show!  They are a group of musicians who also happen to be circus-style performers.  They played some very cool music, highly reminiscent of 30’s bistro music, a la Paris Combo or similar bands.  Along with the music (which would have been cool enough by itself) there was juggling, tap dancing, ballet, several varieties of trapeze art, a strong man, stilt walking, and more. 

I was really impressed not only with the breadth and depth of their talent, but how consistent they were with the retro-circus style.  The costumes, music, instruments, everything fit very well together.  I think it’s cool that people would choose to preserve this particular style of music and performance and do it with such obvious dedication. 

Enough raving… if you ever get a chance, check them out.  They are playing a week-long engagement in Seattle in mid-July (details on their site) and I’m hoping to make it up for a show.  It’d be worth the drive.

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# Monday, July 11, 2005

Cheb i Sabbah is an Algerian-born San Franciscan who makes some truly incredible music.  I’m a big fan of “Asian Underground”, which is a relatively recent genre that mixes modern electronica/dance music with traditional South Asian/Middle Eastern music.  I just finished listening to Cheb i Sabbah’s latest album, “La Kahena”, and it ROCKS!  It’s all centered around the traditional music of the Berbers of North Africa.  Fantastic.  It’s amazing how such ancient music blends seamlessly with modern electronica. 

Other great Asian Underground acts include State of Bengal, Billy Sagoo, Panjabi MC, Asian Dub Foundation, and Talvin Singh.  All worth a listen.

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# Thursday, April 28, 2005

[Update] Maybe it was just service problems.  I haven’t had any more crashes the last couple of days.  There are still some things in the interface that could have been a lot better, and it overall seems slow response wise.

I updated to the latest Real Rhapsody client, and I must say, I’m a bit disappointed.  I’ve been an avid user for some time, but if they don’t get their player shaped up pretty quick that might change.  I’d have to say the new client BLOWS!  It’s crashed on me 10–15 times in the last two days, often hangs, the UI randomly jumps around or locks up.  The flashy new graphics and the equalizer don’t make up for poor performance.  And the style of the UI is such a blatant iTunes rip-off that it’s nearly distracting. 

Apparently it’s not just me.  I hope they get it straightened out soon.

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# Monday, March 28, 2005
Of all the artists I thought I’d never hear of again, Billy Idol was towards the top of the list.  He’s got a new album out called Devil’s Playground, and it’s actually pretty darn good if you like that sort of thing (and I do).  Check it out if you get a chance.  It’s on Rhapsody
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# Thursday, January 06, 2005

My musical tastes tend to run towards the eclectic.  Basically, I like just about any kind of music that sounds like the people who made it actually cared about what they were doing.  This mostly only excludes “pop” in all its evil forms. 

Anyhow, once again Rhapsody is my friend, and I found this guy named Krishna Das.  The have him listed under “Devotional”, since his lyrics center around Indian (Hindu) religious themes, but the music is pretty progressive.  Picture Hare Krisnas doing Trip Hop.  I’m diggin’ it as background music-to-code by. 

The fun of subscribing to Rhapsody is that I get access to all kinds of amazing music on demand, but not stuff that I’d necessarily want to shell out for on CD.  The fact that I can only listen to it when I’m at my (or any) PC isn’t a problem, since that’s where I mostly am anyway. 

I really dig what is often referred to as “Asian Underground”.  There are a whole bunch of South Asian DJs and musicians living in the UK who are combining traditional South Asian music forms with electronica/dance music.  Very cool stuff.  It’s an amazing fusion that really works well.  Check out stuff like DJ Cheb i Sabbah, MIDIval PunditZ, and State of Bengal (one of my favorites).

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# Friday, April 16, 2004

OK, I realize this is apropos of nothing, but I'm most of the way through The Clash's Clash On Broadway, and I've got to say it just doesn't get any better than this.   

What a great, groundbreaking band they were. 

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# Monday, March 01, 2004

I'm currently listening to Tenacious D's eponymous first album, and I've got to say every time I hear it I'm amazed. 

Not only is it some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard (Tribute being my personal favorite) but it's actually pretty good musically too.  If you like that sort of thing that is.  I guess I do. 

Speaking of good music, I listened to the new Johnny Cash box set, Unearthed.  I guess I'd never fully appreciated Johnny Cash.  What a great collection of music.  Some of the modern rock songs he covers are truly fabulous, and there are some great duets.  I love his cover of Marley's Redemption Song with Joe Strummer, and his cover of Nine Inch Nails Hurt is possibly one of the saddest and yet most beautiful songs I think I've ever encountered. 

I'm getting all this through Rhapsody, but I might just have to shell out for Unearthed (which just happens to be available on iTunes).  So much media, so little time.

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# Thursday, November 13, 2003

OK, I thought ’97 Bonnie & Clyde was an incredibly disturbing song when Eminem sang it on the Slim Shady LP.  However, I didn’t appreciate how disturbing it really was until I heard Tori Amos’ version from Strange Little Girls.  Although her rendition is done beautifully, YUCK!!  I think I’m going to have to floss my brain and hope I never hear it again. 

Update: I realize I probably should have explained for those not familiar with the works of Eminem and/or Tori Amos but I just can't bring myself to do it.  Too disturbing.  Sorry.

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