# Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We had a pretty mellow Christmas this year, visiting family up in Seattle and then finishing the festivities yesterday at our place.  In years past we’ve had some pretty crazed holiday seasons, so it was nice to chill for the weekend.  Got a chance to hang out with my sister and her new baby, my first nephew. 

We managed to work in some gadgets, as is traditional.  I got a new Highgear Axis watch, with compass, altimeter and barometer.  Very cool for geocaching.  Also got some extra software for my GPSr, so now I have topo maps that I can load onto it.  I have yet to try it out for caching, but I’m thinking the maps will be a big help. 

I got my son his very own Garmin GPS 60, which was a huge hit.  We went out Christmas morning so he could find his first geocache by himself, which he did quite quickly.  A chip off the old nerd block. :-)

For those of you who might happen to read this blog for the technical content that once was here, hopefully there’ll be a bit more in the weeks to come.  I’m starting to work with Indigo, WWF, and Enterprise Library 2.0, so I should have some interested tidbits to report soon.