# Wednesday, August 27, 2003

It’s a bit off topic, and not strictly speaking technical, but I’ve got to say I’m totally digging Rhapsody.  For a very reasonable fee ($25 a quarter) I can now listen to something like 20,000+ albums from anywhere I’m online.  Much easier than trying to haul around 10 or 20 Gb worth of MP3s, and I can play music from anywhere there’s a broadband connection.  There’s no activation or other association with a given machine, so as long as I remember my credentials I can listen from anywhere (one place at a time, of course).  So if I really want to listen to Rob Zombie, Fatboy Slim and the Rolling Stones in the space of 20 minutes ( I hadn’t realized what a Rob Zombie fan I really am ) it’s all there.  There are a few noticeable holes in their collection, but they’re adding new albums all the time, so I have high hopes.  And best of all, it’s legal and guilt free.  And if I really must listen to something when I’m not online (which doesn’t seem to be all that often) then I can burn most of their tracks to CD for $.79, which is comparable to Apple of Buy.com’s offerings. 


Now if only Rhapsody supported the blogging plug-in… (Right now it’s Mad Flava by Fatboy Slim)

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