# Monday, October 27, 2003

I’ve used TortoiseCVS for a while, and always considered it a nice to have, but not really the best way to deal with a CVS server.  Now that I’m running the latest (1.4.5) I think differently.


In the past I’ve relied on WinCVS to do things like recursively find out all the files I’ve modified, what revision my files are at, etc, and pretty much used Tortoise just for simple commits and adds.  With 1.4.5, Tortoise will recursively find all the modified files, categorize them as add, deletes and modifies, and allow me to commit any or all of them at the same time.  Very nice, and much easier than in WinCVS. 


Also, the explorer integration has gone that one step farther, and you can add CVS status and CVS revision columns to any explorer view.  Also much easier.  I’ve pretty much abandoned WinCVS in favor or Tortoise, which is nice, since it saves one more application launch every time I want to deal with versioned files. 


Way to go TortoiseCVS!

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