# Thursday, June 07, 2007

I saw some great stuff yesterday afternoon on how to host WPF controls in WinForms and vice versa.  I've been wondering for a while if it would be possible to host WPF controls in MMC 3.0 for some management apps we need to write, and now I know it's at least possible, and possible with Whidbey, although the desinger experience will be better in Orcas for WPF on WinForms.

Jon Flanders did a very good presentation on real world tips and tricks for hosting WF in WCF services, without waiting for Silver (WF/WCF integration in Orcas).  Since our new app does exactly this, I learned some things I'll have to try out, specifically using the ManualSchedulerService.  I hadn't considered the implications of ASP.NET and WF contending for the same thread pool.  The manual scheduler might also simplify some things around identity management and impersonation that I've been puzzling over.  Jon is a very compelling speaker, and I got a lot out of his presentation.

To wrap up the day yesterday I got a preview of what's coming as part of the Acropolis project.  I was totally blown away by how much they've already accomplished, and how thoughtfully they have proceeded.  Acropolis is basically CAB for WPF, but they really took it in a positive direction.  While CAB is (IMHO) too technology focused, Acropolis is very much designed for building real applications quickly, and providing (again IMHO) exactly the right level of support.  I'm a big Smart Client fan, and I think they're really expanding the horizons for building smart client apps quickly and with a minimum of overhead.  If you are interested in build any kind of client app with WPF, be sure to follow their work.

This morning started off with a very good presentation on the new language features in C# 3.0 by Luke Hoban.  He did some very compelling demos to show off the new features, including the LINQ over Objects syntax.  Then, just to show there was no magic involved, he removed his reference to LINQ, and reimplemented the where and select operators using the new language features.  It really showed off the new features, and put them in a context that was very accessible.  Well done!

The rest of the day holds more on Acropolis, and more details of the LINQ over Entities project, which is pretty groovy stuff. 

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