# Monday, September 11, 2006

I've been a contented user of AnkhSVN for a while now, and love the way it deals with integrating Subversion into VS.NET. 

I've also been using VS 2005, and the formerly WinFX now .NET 3.0 pre-release versions for some time.  A few months back, I got into a state where all the .NET 3.0 stuff worked fine on my machine, except the WF extensions for VisualStudio.  If I installed the WF extensions, VS.NET 2005 would hang on the splash screen with 100% CPU for ever.  Very frustrating.  I'd been putting off solving the problem, instead just uninstalling the WF stuff, but I really need to work on some WF stuff, so I tried again with the recently released RC1 bits of .NET 3.0.  Still no joy.

However, all the WF stuff works fine on my laptop.  What could be the difference?, I asked myself.  AnkhSVN, I answered.  So I tried uninstalling it on my desktop machine, and hey presto, VS 2005 starts up just fine with WF extensions intact. 


I'll look and see if there's a more recent version of AnkhSVN than I had installed, and give that a try.  I'd hate to not be able to use it.

Update:  I installed the latest version of AnkhSvn (1.0 RC3), and it works fine now. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 5:26:41 AM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
There used to be a problem accessing the SolutionExplorer during load, with workflow betas.

Ankh worked around that (in r2401), but it also seems that Microsoft has worked around it:

If the problem exists with a more recent version of Ankh, let us know at users-AT-ankhsvn-DOT-tigris-DOT-org
Sander Rijken
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