# Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The following is the final I gave my Web Services Applied class last night.  I was hoping to come up with a project that exposed the interesting things about developing a web service, and a client to access that service, with out getting bogged down in implementing what the service was supposed to do.  At the same time, I wanted something less trivial than Hello World!

The class had three hours to complete the project, and to my surprise only one person finished before the end of that time limit.  Is this too hard?  Do you think it’s asking too much?  I’m not used to teaching in an academic setting, so I’m still trying to gauge the difficulty of this kind of thing.  It’s a senior seminar, so it shouldn’t be too easy.  I’d be interested to hear people’s opinions.

Final Exam

Monday, December 6th.

Your final involves creating both a Web Service, and a client to exercise that Web Service. You will need to create a web service which matches the following UML.

The service has three methods: Remember, which takes a string, Forget, and Regurgitate. Remember will cause the service to store a string value, and keep track of the time it remembered that string. Forget will clear the stored memory entirely. Regurgitate will return an array of RememberedThing objects, which combine the string remembered with the time it was remembered.

You will also need to construct a WinForms client application that will allow a user to remember a string using the service, forget all the remembered strings, or display a list of regurgitated strings and times. You will need to call the web service asynchronously so that the WinForms application doesn't block.

You will need to turn in:

  • The complete code for client and server.

  • The WSDL and XmlSchema documents that describe the service.

Criteria for success:

The whole final is worth 100 points devided as follows:

  • Web Service interface – 30pts. (including WSDL and XSD)

  • Web Service functionality – 30pts.

  • Client functionality – 30pts.

  • Asynchronously calling web service – 10pts.

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