# Tuesday, January 13, 2004

It’s pretty bad when you’re jonesing to upgrade a piece of clothing.  As mentioned previously, I got a groovy new ScotteVest for my b-day.  The ultimate in geek-wear, with 30 pockets that hold just about everything (the temptation is pretty overwhelming, and mine’s starting to get kinda heavy) and wiring channels build in to hide all the headphone, cell-phone headset etc. wiring.  Or at least I thought it was the ultimate.  ScotteVest announced at the CES that they are coming out with a new version with integral solar panels that are wired to all the pockets and an internal battery, so not only can you haul around all your geek gear, you can recharge it while you’re walking around.  Of course that implies that you go outside.  Actually, they are pretty good outside, and so far the Fine-Tex is proving pretty water resistant. 

Supposedly, the solar option only adds $100 to the price, which isn't too bad.

And of course, while I may feel minorly dorky walking around with all that gear, at least I don’t have a dork watch like Scott. :-)

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