# Thursday, March 16, 2006

I was glued to my couch this morning trying to finish Charlie Huston’s Six Bad Things : A Novel.  It’s quite a ride, and the last 50 pages or so really go like gang-busters.  It’s a sequel to the equally frenetic Caught Stealing : A Novel.  On the surface they seem like just faced pace, hard boiled crime fiction (possibly more violent than most) but having now finished both books I think that there’s deeper meaning at work. 

<potential spoilers>

I think these novels are really about how easy it is for an average guy to turn to a life of violence and crime.  The main character keeps getting caught up in progressively stranger circumstances, and to protect first himself and then his parents he sinks deeper and deeper into this plot of drugs and casual violence.  He starts thinking of himself as a violent individual, but it doesn’t happen all at once.  Each time he finds his back to the wall he finds it a little bit easier to take the violent way out, until in the end he finds himself killing without remorse.

</potential spoilers>

So, if you like crime fiction, these are definitely worth checking out.  There is supposed to be a third book in the series coming out later this year, and given how the second one ended I’ll be interested to see what happens next.

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