# Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've read a bunch of these over the last few weeks, and thought perhaps I could duck, but Scott tagged me today, so I guess I should come clean.  Most of these arne't exactly secret, but you may not have heard me hold forth on them before :-)

  • My degree (a B.A.) is in East Asian Studies.  I spent my 4 years studying up on Buddhism, Japanese Art, and Chinese Communism.  My work study job was retrieving term papers off of floppies that had beer spilled on them, one precious sector at a time.  The first Computer Science class I ever took was at PCC after working at Intel for several years.  C++ I think it was.  Or possibly data structures.  I dropped out of a class on assembler, 'cause it was boring. 
  • I love trashy food.  I was raised on 70's hippy vegetarian food, and to this day I have a deep and abiding love of chicken fried steak, chipped beef on toast, and fried SPAM. 
  • I have a "simian crease" on my right hand.  Most people have two or three lines running horizontally across their palm (heart line, life line, etc).  I only have one the runs all the way across.  Common among chimpanzees and people with Down syndrome, less so among others.
  • On weekends, I tend to dress like a Viking.  My whole family are long-term participants in the Society for Creative Anochronism.  I used to dress up in armor and hit people with (actually mostly be hit with) wooden swords.  I gave that part up since I'm not 18 anymore, and it hurts.
  • My very first job was as an apprentice house painter.  I mostly dug ditches and drove ladders around Seattle for $6/hr.  I started the job by lowering the bottom of the boss' dirt floored basement by about 6 feet.  8 hour days of digging dirt into 5 gallon buckets, and hauling them two at a time up a flight of stairs.  I gained about 10 pounds of pure biceps. 

Not exactly shocking revalations, I admit.  Not compared to Scott's fashion obsession anyway.  I knew he was a snappy dresser, but...

I can't think of too many people I know have haven't already been tagged, so I'm not sure I'll make 5.  I nominate Jason, Stuart Celarier, John Batdorf,  Jeff B., and Don Smith.

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