# Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Scott's been extolling the virtues of Oddpost for a while now, and deriding the quality of the (admittedly) lame web client my ISP provides for checking my home email at work, so I finally tried it out this morning.  I've got to admit, it's pretty freakin' cool.  They have a very nice interface, it's easy to use, supports multiple external mail servers, etc.  I'll try if for a while longer, but I just may end up subscribing.  I think it's probably worth the (very reasonable) $30 a year. 

Now if they only supported Firefox...  It's become my browser of choice, and it's a pain to have to launch IE to use Oddpost, but c'est le vie I guess.  I have to keep IE around for SharePoint anyway.  SharePoint looks OK in Firefox, but I don't think they've got SSPI authentication working yet, so I have to sign in on every page, which gets old in a really big hurry.

Update: after playing with the client some more, I'm also impressed to see software written by people with a sense of humor :-)

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