# Monday, December 20, 2004

The open source email client, not the fortified wine. 

I’ve ditched Outlook at home in favor of Thunderbird 1.0, and I’m pretty happy with the decision.  Between the increased speed of startup and mail downloading, and the vastly superior HTML rendering time, it takes me much less time to read my mail now than it did with Outlook.  The junk mail filtering works very well, and consistently.  The filtering rules are easy to compose (although my one gripe is that I can’t figure out how to get the rules to run every time I get new mail) and work consistently as well.

I installed the extension “Enigmail” which provides a very nice frond end to GnuPG PKI engine, and it integrates extraordinarily well into Thunderbird.  The install of GPG was quite challenging, but the Thunderbird integration is super easy to use. 

Pretty much the only things I miss about Outlook are a couple of plugins, NewsGator and Plaxo, but I’m finding out that I didn’t use them all that much at home anyway. 

Thunderbird + Firefox == one big happy for me. :-)