# Thursday, April 28, 2005

[Update] Maybe it was just service problems.  I haven’t had any more crashes the last couple of days.  There are still some things in the interface that could have been a lot better, and it overall seems slow response wise.

I updated to the latest Real Rhapsody client, and I must say, I’m a bit disappointed.  I’ve been an avid user for some time, but if they don’t get their player shaped up pretty quick that might change.  I’d have to say the new client BLOWS!  It’s crashed on me 10–15 times in the last two days, often hangs, the UI randomly jumps around or locks up.  The flashy new graphics and the equalizer don’t make up for poor performance.  And the style of the UI is such a blatant iTunes rip-off that it’s nearly distracting. 

Apparently it’s not just me.  I hope they get it straightened out soon.