# Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'll be teaching CST 407 Web Services Theory at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) this summer.  The class is Monday and Wednesday evenings for 4 weeks, June 21nd - July 14th.  Registration is open if you are interested.  I'll be focusing on the theorectical aspects of Web Services and Service Orientation, so if you're interested in getting a good grounding in that part of Web Services, come on down!


Here's the course description:

Web Services Theory
There has been a lot of buzz in the media of late over Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services.  But what does "Web Services" really mean?  Why are they interesting?  What advantages do they offer to companies?  What do they do for you, the developer?

This class will start from the most basic levels of XML and proceed to the fundamentals of Web Services and the SOA.  The focus is on theory, rather than practice, and although there will be practical exercises, the end goal is to understand the fundamentals of how Web Services work, how they can be used, and in what application are they most useful.  This is the first course in a 3-course sequence.  The second course will focus on how to implement Web Services on a specific platform.

Students will leave this class with a firm understanding of how and why Web Services work, and where Web Services fit into the overall picture of modern software development.
For successful completion of this course, some knowledge of programming is required, preferably in C#/C++/Java or VB.
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