# Wednesday, December 24, 2003

For my birthday today I got a fabulous new SCOTTeVEST Three.0 (thanks Dad!).  The perfect geek wear.  It’s got 30 pockets of all different shapes and sizes for holding my phone, my iPod, and just about anything else I can manage to stash in it.  Plus it has a ball cap tether (I’ve lost several by setting them down somewhere strange).  Best of all, it has wiring channels all through it, so I can run my noise cancelling earbuds through the inside of the jacket.  A raincoat with cable management.  Bliss. 

I realize it pretty much labels me as a complete a total nerd, but I’m down with that. :-)  My wife says she’s glad I’m enjoying it so much.  I can tell she’s captivated.  No, really…

Now I just need the matching hat

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