# Friday, April 16, 2004

[Update] The OPTOPlay completely rocks.  Driverless install, works right out of the box.  Absolutely no background noise, no interference from the disk, and it's got a little pre-amp, so the headphones sound great.  Woohoo!

[Update] I just ordered one of these.  We'll see if that makes a difference.

How hard can it be to put a little shielding on either a hard drive or a soundcard?  I've had 2-3 systems in a row (at work, so I can't complain too much) that don't have any decent shielding inside, so I hear the hard drive spinning over my headphones, which is annoying as all get-out.  On my current IBM box, it's not intrusive enough to keep me from listening, but on my last Compaq laptop, it totally was.  The headphones were completely useless due to all the interference from the drive.  In a laptop, OK, I'm willing to cut them some slack although it's still pretty lame.  On a desktop system it shouldn't be so hard. 

I wonder if they just assume that anyone serious enough to bother to use headphones will shell out for a soundcard and not use the crappy stuff on the motherboard.  I suppose you could also make the argument that a business PC doesn't need decent sound, but I (and others I know) spend large parts of the day wearing headphones while coding to cut down the din of living in cube-land.  And Rhapsody is just so dang handy.

It's enough to make a guy buy an external sound widget like the Extigy.  That would put things a good distance from any unshielded drives.

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