# Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Vikki and I took the kids up to Mt. Hood on Sunday to play in the snow and try out the new sleds they got for Christmas.  We decided to head for the Trillium Lake snow park, which is just past the turnoff to Timberline (maybe a mile) right across from the turnoff for Snow Bunny.  It’s a nice snow park, usually not too crowded, and a great jumping off place for Nordic skiing or snow shoeing.  Unfortunately, their new sleds need a steeper slope, so the sledding didn’t go as well as hoped.  But we had a very nice time playing around in the snow and walking down the snow covered road watching the skier and snowshoers.  Also impressive was watching the tractor.  Some brilliant individual had decided to drive his 4Runner down the snow covered road (we’re talking probably 4+ feet of snow) past the chained gate, and got stuck up to his axles at the bottom of the hill.  They had to bring in a little snow tractor on a flatbed and pull him out.  Must have cost a fortune.  As well it should for doing something so stupid.  It did provide a fair amount of amusement for the spectators, so not a total loss. :-)