# Friday, June 06, 2003

 Humph.  I’d have to say this presentation was disappointing.  It was on the development of the London traffic congestion charging system, which is not only highly controversial, but arguably the largest deployed .NET application.  I was hoping to get some technical details about how they got it to scale, but instead it was pretty much just marketecture, which I haven’t seen a lot of here this year.  The main focus was around the fact that .NET beat out J2EE for this job, and that it was done quickly and at comparatively low cost.  OK, I get that about .NET.  The one interesting thing in that space was that Mastek, the India-based development shop that did the implementation, actually did two separate test projects during the RFI for the project, one in J2EE, the other in .NET (v1.0, beta 1).  It’s interesting to see the results of one company seriously trying to build the same application on both platforms, rather than the competitive Pet Store type comparison.  Their conclusion was that they could do the .NET implementation for 30% less. 

Unfortunately the presentation was almost totally devoid of technical details.  For a 300 level presentation for developers, I would expect more than two slides on the implementation.  The only interesting technical details was that they used the same set of business object for both intra- and extranet sites, but the extranet used a wrapper that hid the privileged methods, and a firewall was used between the presentation and business tiers to limit the public site’s access to only the wrapper class.