# Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chris Anderson's session on using XAML as a modelling language for declaratively expressing programmer intent is easily the best thing I've seen so far.  I've been struggling to grok the beauty that is XAML for a while now, and while I'm not totally sure I've grokked it in its fullness, I'm a good deal closer now.  I think I'll have to play around with it for a while before it's fully cemented.  One thing he mentioned that I'm very interested in pursuing is using LINQ expression trees in non-data oriented ways.  There could be some huge opportunities for building declarative models using this technique.  Much to think on. 

I think this was actully the first time I'd seen Chris speak, and I was very impressed.  Not only by his style, but by his fabulous wardrobe.  Chris eschewed the MS-blue shirt for a fantastic brown and orange Aloha shirt with a huge (possibly embroidered) green and yellow palm tree across the front.  Excellent choice.

As an only vaguely related side note: how far back does the nerd fondness for Aloha shirts go?  Maybe it's just because we're in Florida, but I've seen some truly stunning examples of the genre.  Being a big fan (possibly even proponant) of the Aloha shirt myself, it's been fun checking out the good ones.  Better than birdwatching. 

To bring this back to something slightly more relavent, I think there are several developments underway, including the Software Factories initiative discussed a few Architecture Journals back, the rise of DSL Toolkit, etc. that make model driven development much more feasible, and it will be interesting to see what part XAML has to play there.  Very exciting times.

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