# Thursday, April 29, 2004

OK, usually I try to stay out of the whole MS/OSS thing, but I find this interesting enought to comment on.  Just to get this out of the way, I'm all in favor of OSS, and I think both Linux and Gnome are pretty cool.  I'm a dedicated Firefox user personally.  (I realize that sounds a lot like "some of my best friends are gay".)

That said, I find statements [via TSS.NET] like "Gnome and Mozilla need to align to counter [Longhorn]" to be pretty strange.  That sounds an awful lot like the statement of someone who sees Gnome/Mozilla/Linux as a commercial, for profit enterprise.  Why else is "competition" with MS something to consider?  (One possible alternative is that the OSS community is driven by people who have way too much ego invested in OSS projects.)  I thought the whole "point" of OSS was that it was driven by a different set of concerns that is commercial, for profit software.  Am I missing something? 

Either the Gnome/Mozilla community is being run as if it was commercial, or it's being run by people who are driving the direction of the community for the sake of their own egos.  Neither is very attractive.